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We Knew The Lord Wanted Straight Street NRV Started Again

straight street nrvFrom 1990 to 1998, my wife and I operated an outreach program called Straight Street New River Valley in Christiansburg, VA. It was a faith-based teen center open every weekend to give our local youth a safe, fun and positive place to hang out. We did a lot of activities with the youth and took many on mission trips and youth conventions. We’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of teens impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many today are serving God as pastors or in some type of leadership role in their churches.

Recently, the Lord prompted me to restart Straight Street NRV through many signs. During my attempt to relaunch this ministry, I have been running into obstacles which have tempted me to doubt that I was hearing the Lord. I prayed and asked the Lord to either make this happen or kill the idea. I then decided to focus on our daughter’s upcoming wedding and forget about Straight Street.

My wife, father-in-law and I flew into Las Vegas, NV, to drive up to Utah for our daughter’s wedding. On our first night at the South Point Hotel Casino in Vegas, we decided to get something to eat. While walking to the cafe, we heard “BOB ANDERSON  – STRAIGHT STREET,” shouted out. Imagine our surprise to see the Rev. Craig Shelton, a previous Straight Streeter, walking toward us with a huge smile on his face!

My wife and I were completely astonished! What are the chances that we would run into a previous Straight Streeter thousands of miles from home exactly when I was about to give up on the idea of re-opening the teen center? Yes, my wife and I were surprised by God! As it turns out, Craig now pastors a church outreach ministry in Arizona and his family had been stranded in Vegas due to the Delta airlines computer fiasco. They were staying in the same hotel as us on the same night and just happened to be walking down the same hallway and the exact same minute as we were. This was obviously not a coincidence, but rather an encounter designed by God.

When we got back to Christiansburg after our daughter’s awesome, beautiful wedding the following Saturday I took my car to Walmart to have the tires inspected. Upon my return to pick up my car, the lady behind the register ask if I was the guy who ran a teen center in the 90’s in Christiansburg, I said I was and we chatted for a while. The very NEXT day, Sunday morning, our neighbor came and handed me a check saying that she heard we were starting Straight Street back up and she and her husband wanted to help us to get it going again. Folks, seriously these events are not coincidences, but rather encounters designed by God confirming that He wants Straight Street NRV ministering to the youth and families again.

These encounters were powerful confirmations to my wife and I that the Lord definitely was leading us to launch Straight Street once again. God is good and so faithful! Only the Lord can do something like that. If the Lord is speaking to you about doing something, look for signs and asked Him for confirmation. He will deliver.

— Rev Bob Anderson, 2017